Helen Reid, Chief 'Aha' Maker

For over 20 years, I have helped businesses develop their people capability by delivering high quality services in design and delivery that inspire, motivate and empower. 

My passion and energy are endless as is my enthusiasm to make a difference within a team environment and for a business overall.

My focus is to lead change by unlocking potential.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing individuals grow and for life’s learning light bulbs to be switched on. 

Along with my Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development, I draw from my experiences throughout my career including management, as a facilitator and coach, business analysis, and instructional designer.

It is my view that successes in adult learning and development can only be measured by the successes of others in their personal and professional growth.  It is my aim to provide a learning environment that is innovative, stimulating and engaging and to show others learning can be fun, exciting and even life changing.


Learning Development Contractors

We maintain a network of specialists which we draw on when required. From learning designers to graphic designers, we can access the best specialist to meet the need.